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What we do

What we do
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We have over 20 years of combined experience providing a one-stop-shop support for the next african champions including funding and growth strategies advisory services.

We build an ecosystem where :

  • Our investment vehicles are able to fund the underserved market segment ($75-400k) and up to $2m in African SMEs, Start- ups and small scale infrastructures;
  • As an entrepreneur you get in touch with the most prominent network of industry experts and supportive hubs in your entrepreneurial journey;
  • A unique execution growth strategy to building the next african champions.

Investment Thesis

We invest in companies with outstanding Pan-african market potential,  low-carbon business driven, led by ambition driven entrepreneurs who believe that innovation is a key success factor.

We support revenue generating startups and traditional companies who are looking for a local, hands-on and financial partner to help them further fuel their growth.


We are industry agnostic, however we predominantly look at high growth sectors including:

  • Digital  and financial services,
  • Renewable Energy small scale infrastructures,
  •  Agriculture & food processing,
  • Infrastructural solutions (energy, logistics…) focusing on reducing our carbon footprint,
  • Consumer goods & services,
  • Elementary development services (Education & Healthcare).


We primarily invest  in companies based in the ECOWAS area (CEDEAO) : West africa francophone countries, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia.

However we might co-invest with our panafrican partners in other African countries.

Committed for Growth

Our team enjoy getting advice and support from international industry experts.